Stem voor een democratisch Europa


In aanloop naar de Europese verkiezingen begin juni 2024, roept de Europese Alliantie van Academies op om te stemmen vóór de vrijheid van de kunsten en voor een democratisch Europa.

De Europese Alliantie van Academies

De Akademie van Kunsten maakt deel uit van de Europese alliantie van academies. In gezamenlijkheid met andere academies van kunsten in Europa staan zij voor de vrijheid van de kunsten en ondersteunen zij elkaar wanneer nodig. 

In solidariteit met de alliantie deelt de Akademie van Kunsten onderstaand statement: 

Vote for a democratic Europe 

Europe has never been in greater danger of being deprived of its achievements and democratic values as it is now. Or, in other words: Never before in the three decades since the foundation of the European Union have its citizens been more called upon to go to the polls than for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament between 6 and 9 June 2024.

While Europe is going through challenging times, right-wing populists are gaining a growing impact on our societies – with fatal consequences for the freedom of expression in the media, in the political and the public debate, in the arts and culture. Each of us is affected.

The hateful discourse delivered by far-right parties erects walls instead of building bridges. Diversity, respect and solidarity are the core elements of lively democracies. The European Alliance of Academies appeals to the citizens of Europe to assume their responsibility in protecting these values by exercising their right to vote.

Meer informatie via The European Alliance of Academies: Vote for a democratic Europe! - European Alliance of Academies

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