The Young Academy and the Society of Arts have joined forces to develop a virtual meeting place that encourages interaction and synergies in scientific and artistic research. It is a goldmine for scientists and artists seeking to collaborate across institutional boundaries.




Mingler is live!

Pioneers wanted! Website construction has reached the point where we are seeking pioneers – artists and scientists – who are curious about one another and would like to ‘mingle’ with artists and scientists in other disciplines.


Mingler is for artists and scientists who are open to exploration and experimentation and see being a pioneer as a challenge. It is meant for those who are already active at the crossroads of art and science, for example through their involvement in a publication, a work of art, an exhibition, a film, bio-art or a creative industry project, or who have specific ideas for projects that bring art and science together. They must show the right motivation to meet people from different scientific and artistic disciplines and to communicate with them about matters of substance.


First pioneering, in the future (inter)national

Participation in Mingler is in this phase on invitation only. The members of the Society of Arts, The Young Academy and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences are all invited to sign up. Master's and PhD programs in the arts, Dutch universities, Public and private cultural funds and Dutch cultural institutions are invited to sign up suitable candidates.


Digital and Live

Network participants will be invited to join in a live Mingler event twice a year. 


Project team members

•    Barbara Visser, visual artist
•    Koert van Mensvoort, visual artist, philosopher and technologist
•    Hanneke van Laarhoven, professor of Translational Medical Oncology, University of Amsterdam
•    Annelien Bredenoord, associate professor of Medical Ethics, University Medical Centre Utrecht
•    Soek Yi Tong, staff member, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
•    Noor Nuyten, visual artist, web designer
•    Fabian Hijlkema, visual artist, web builder
•    Harald den Breejen, visual artist, philosopher
•    Annelies ten Have, staff member, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and secretary, Society of Arts



Annelies ten Have, +31 (0)20 551 0746,


The Society of Arts and The Young Academy are both part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. In its Strategic Agenda for 2016-2020, Science and Scholarship Connect, the Academy sets itself the target of reinforcing the connections between scientific disciplines and science organizations, between science and society and, internally, between its three societies (the Learned Society, The Young Academy, and the Society of Arts) and its 15 research institutes.


Lead photo credits: Fabian Hijlkema